Wednesday, May 17, 2017

March 27th

Today, Jonah taught us all about Bobcats! He created an informative poster with all different pictures of Bobcats and even wore a Bobcat shirt! We learned about what they ate, where the live, and their size. He also shared a book with lots of great Bobcat information. Thank you, Jonah!

We moved our bodies like windmills, going faster, slower and even two different directions. 

Splish splash on our way to the yellow trail to hike and do what might be our last day of tracking.

The "frog pond" by the common ground office was wet and full of water again! 

We had lots of Bobcats on our hike today ;) and finally found some real life Bobcat tracks to follow. We saw prints with four toes and the right size to be a Bobcat so we decided to follow them through the forest. We also encountered what we thought were Raccoon tracks and Rabbit tracks too!

We had so much fun sliding down this natural ice slide at Rocks-a-Moss!

Jonah with his Bobcat shirt and poster. 

All the tracking and cold rainy whether had us tired after lunch. We took a nice rest while listening to the Beatles :) 

We finished the day by building a cozy fort and enjoying warm tea with honey while listening to stories. 

Will this be our last day of winter? We will have to wait and see...:)


The winds that blow are keen and cold! 
I fear them not, for I am bold. 
I wait not for my leaves to grow, 
They will follow, they are slow. 

But my golden bloom is brave and bright,
I greet the sun with all my might!

And so the Coltsfoot fairy sings, 
Winter is gone, ITS SPRING! ITS SPRING!
Winter is gone, ITS SPRING! ITS SPRING!

Except we all know what spring in Vermont can be like....

We enjoyed the last patches of snow on the land, dubbed "Antarctica" and gathered all the sun we could on the rocks! 

Hold your breath and make a wish over the wishing bridge!

Mining crystals at the Root ball
"Bears" on the rootball
Art inspired by the land around us...

Searching for more crystals in the cattails. We remembered how green and swampy it was here in the spring...

The remains of our autumn weaving. 

We love sun and we love picnics!
Our first picnic lunch of 2017 watching the last of the snow glitter and melt in the warm spring sun...

Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 20th, 2017 Spring and snow!

Winter goodbye, winter goodbye, you may no longer stay. Springtime is here today. Winter goodbye, winter goodbye. 

A happy vernal equinox at Wrens Nest! And what more of a Vermont way to ring in spring time than playing in the snow..
A cozy morning with some animal friends, like kitty, woofers, and even a deer. 
We learned all about Robin Redbread from Grant! Some favorite facts include that the Robins beautiful blue eggs take 14 days to hatch and a Robin has a lifespan of two years. He also brought in a fun maze that led mother Robin back to her nest. Thank you, Grant!!
So many friends brought sleds to share and we were all so thankful! 
The deep snow with a crunchy layer ontop proved to be hard to walk through and even gave us some sledding challenges...but we trudged on!
Sarah brought in her toboggan which was so much fun. We could fit five or six of us on it and really fly! The challenge was getting it back up the hill, but with a combinations of pushers, pullers, and snow clearers we were able to have many great rides. 

Blowing bubbles! Not cold enough for them to freeze but definitely still fun. 
Snow kitties making their kitty nests. 
Snow angles in the crust...
We made up a game for throwing snowballs. Someone created big boot holes so we made snowballs and tried to land them in the holes-there was a lot of cheering for each other. 
We visited our sit spots to see if there were any changes or signs of spring. Afterwards we shared our observations. Buds were still visible but hadn't changed, some of the green grass from last week was covered up, and we noticed some new branches. 
Lots of snow and sun makes for some soggy kiddos. We went inside for some good lunch and to attempt and dry ourselves out...

We all had fun working on the mazes that Grant brought in as part of his presentation! 
Some cozy time with new books...

We really got relaxed while listening to some stories before going back out to play before we said goodbye. 
Bring on the mud, springtime we are ready for you! 

March 13th Maple Magic!

Let us go to the Sugar Camp 
While the snow lies on the ground
Live in a birch bark wigwam 
Cut a notch in a maple tree
Set a pail on the ground below
Soon the sap will be flowing 
Make a fire in the sugar lodge
So that we may boil the sap 
Bring all the wooden ladels...mmm
In the snow see the rabbit tracks
Hear the call of the chickadee-dee-dee
Do not stop to follow them..
Tis the season of the Sugar Camp, Tis the season of the Sugar Camp

We started off the morning with some fun indoor play, basking in the sunshine. Jonah brought in a book about the Titanic that inspired an impressive replica! 
 We played with light and learned that all of the colors of the rainbow are in light, we just can't see them all the time. 
It was Ezra's turn to teach about his animal, the Raven. My favorite factoid from his presentation was that Ravens will put nuts on the road so that cars will drive over them and crack them open-they are very clever birds indeed! Great job, Ezra!!
A silly song...
Back to the pond to check on the tadpoles that had probably gotten much colder over the past few days! 
We searched for owl pellets and sunny spots to keep us warm as we adventured on the blue trail-a new one for us. 

When we found a nice warm sunny spot, we gathered for a story about the mice who make woodpecker holes into their homes, creating mouse apartment buildings. Then on our way back we found several mouse skyscrapers! 

We found some crystal clear ice that we could see bubbles underneath. We tried to crack it with rocks but it was frozen solid. 
Taking our time on our walk back...
Now today was very special because in the afternoon our classroom was turned into a fine dining establishment with a focus on all things maple. 
Our favorite chef, Samantha, was busy in the kitchen flipping pancakes while we gave our bodies a little warming rest. 

And then, it was time! We donned some festive apparel and agreed that eating in a fancy restaurant means you need some very fancy manners and did we ever! With yes please here and an excuse me madam there you could tell we were someplace special just by listening.  
We taste tested all the different kinds of Grade A maple syrup. Dark robust, amber rich, and golden delicate as well as maple sugar and some maple sap. Soon all you could hear was chewing and yumming, it was delicious! 

Seconds, thirds, and even fourths were had by all of our maple connoisseurs. We took a vote in the end on which was our favorite one to taste. Many of the children voted for all of them :) but in the end it was a tie between dark robust and golden delicate. 
Tis the season of the sugar camp!